Customers service

Feedback collecting about employees work

Unhappy customers can become a former clients or can become extremely loyal ... - if their dissatisfaction will be worked out and be promptly compensated. To find out about the customers problems immediately and at first hand, connect feedback about their work for sales division and support service employees. Personal feedback link can be placed, for example, in the employees emails signature. You can configure email notifications about feedback and get them all, or only negative ones - as they become available, or to confine with weekly reports discharge.


Knowledge accumulation

Each employee while working with clients, has a "chip" that helps to sell effectively, or to resolve conflicts, or to find new customers ... Imagine if 10 managers will share with each other their separate "chip", then each of them will have 10 "chips" in his arsenal, instead of one. But the question is - how to involve them in such experience sharing? Arrange a competition on the number of useful (and quality) tips published the thematic tag #clients or #sales, and monthly awards the best authors. One precedent of a public recognition for the resourceful and enterprising sales manager and will force others to climb to the Olim and prove that they were not born yesterday.

Problems solving

Angry client is “hanging” on the phone and insists on fast answer on his question about why nothing is working as it should? How call-center employee can fast figure out what is the problem and it can be solved? The answer is inside social network. Question placed in common newswire inside corporate social network will receive a quick response from professionals who are aware of the problem and its prospects for solving. The answer is quickly provided and the customer isn’t angry anymore and willing to wait until the problem is resolved.



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