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SOGAZ is an international level multi-disciplinary medical center


Motivating medical call center staff in difficult periods


Gamified competition project

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  • KPI growth in terms of the average call duration time and in terms of the conversations assessment: some employees managed to improve their performance by 2-3 times;
  • Average talktime decreased by 10%;
  • Positive feedback from the participants – many want to continue the project.

Interesting facts:

  • KPI results were stunning, for example: the average talk time fell by 10% to achive it usually it takes 4-5 months, the project managed to do it in 3;
  • Based on the results of the first month, it was necessary to adjust team rating algorythme, since one of the teams consistently scored first, and it was important to keep the competitive spirit of the participants;
  • The working day for the employees of the medical call center is very intense, but yet they found time – including before and after the working day – to visit the platform, send “”thanks””, take part in a quiz or a competition, etc.


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