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MOSGORTUR has been operating since 2014, it is the largest full-cycle organizer of children's vacations in Russia


Connect and unite the employees of the main and additional offices, establish communication and exchange of information


Virtual corporate network with multi-level groups, marathons, virtual currency and achievements

Web-interface of the Mosgortour corporate network


As of the end of November 2023, about 100 employees are registered in the corporate network of Mosgortur, who actively participate in contests, marathons and even hold battles on the balance board. The platform successfully fulfills its task and successfully unites employees from different offices.

Interesting facts:

  • We write birthday wishes, birthday wishes for children, some personal events, achievements/successes, write about our corporate athletes;
  • Our virtual currency – “uniki”, it can be earned for any activity, if you participate in contests, quests, marathons or just write the most comments, offer something of your own. We also give “uniki” on your birthday, for any awards, achievements and experience;
  • For example, one of the tasks is to decorate a Christmas tree with eco-toys. And the person will have to take a photo and show us how eco-friendly is his tree.


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Virtual currency

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