Corporate social network for communication,
stimulating creativity among the employees

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Glenmark is an internationally integrated pharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of innovative drugs


Create a space for communication, exchange of experience, announcing corporate information to all employees, as well as to engage them in offering new ideas, taking challenges and other activities.


Corporate social network with its own unique currency, thank-yous and mascot.


Almost immediately after the launch, a survey on the usability of GlenSpace was conducted. And right at the beginning of the project, the result was – 87%!

Interesting facts:

  • With activities on GlenSpace, various creative photos/videos from employees were collected, which contributed to content for the annual meeting – and this came a very uplifting, emotional setting for the annual meeting;
  • As part of the wellbeing program at GlenSpace, there is a group called “I lead fit” – it hosts a sports challenges, in which anyone can take part. The bottom line is that people there publish their sports goals and photos of sports achievements: from training, “before-after” indicators of weight, support each other, click like, comment.


Social network
Virtual store
Exchange of Ideas
Virtual currency

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