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Payment system "Mir" is a national Russian payment system with 100% shares of the JSC owned by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation


Streamline non-financial motivation programs and create a platform for internal communities


A gamified corporate world with virtual miles and real prizes, numerous badges, quizzes and contests based on an internal social network

Main page “Around the world”


The platform totally delivers on its assigned task – non-financial motivation is systematized and internal communications flow on different subjects and directions

Interesting facts:

  • For each completed activity from the “price list” employees receive miles and badges. And they additionally earn miles as a gratitude from each other. All earned miles are added to the “Around the World” rating; thus to fly around the virtual globe, you need to gain 40,000 miles. Initially, 40,000 miles can be covered in 1.5-2 years of high activity;
  • The store was opened 4 months after the project launch. All products are travel or active lifestyle related, also employees can buy the company’s branded merchandise.


Virtual store
Social network
Virtual currency

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