Corporate social network "VMESTE" - a space
of equal opportunities for Rosbank's employees

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Rosbank is a private universal bank providing all types of services to private and corporate clients


Create a trusted communication environment that helps to better hear the voice of employees and maintain high levels of engagement


Corporate social network with gamification and knowledge base
Web interface of the social network


At the end of Q1 2024, the rate of unique users taking targeted actions amounted to 69.2% Employee loyalty to the social network, based on the results of the annual survey, is aiming for 90%

Interesting facts:

  • There is a closed showcase for the brand’s ambassadors’ project in the social network “VMESTE”, and there we give the opportunity to exchange accumulated RB-coins for expert advice on how to strengthen and develop your personal brand in external social networks;
  • There’s a preset end-to-end thank you script where all employees can gift coins, saying thank you for their help during the week and linking their appreciation to the expression of a particular corporate value;
  • According to the 2023 employee survey, our engagement rate is the highest among our competitor banks, at 91.4%. Of course, it is impossible to single out the influence of the social network alone on this indicator, but the activity of employees, awareness of various aspects of the bank’s activities and their feedback suggest that the merit of the social network in this result is not insignificant.


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