A corporate portal for adapting, sharing knowledge, uniting
and motivating employees working remotely (and not only)

All cases

CUSTIS is a Russian IT company that creates and introduces IT systems for banks, retailers and government agencies


Creating a space for formal and informal interaction, as well as to uniting all employees, who in distance-working periods


Corporate social network with badges and virtual currency


For 7 months, everything works as planned: communication, exchange of experience, adaptation of employees and non-financial motivation – the platform performs all these functions.

Interesting facts:

  • Content on the portal: 90% are “thanks” between employees and awards for activity, 8% are official information from the company, 2% are publications of useful content by the employees themselves;
  • Employees can earn currency for useful activities, for example: published articles, speeches at conferences, self-development, mentorship, participation in corporate events, etc.;
  • One month before the official launch it was announced on the corporate portal, explaining what it would be and what for, we worked out doubts, prepared top-level managers prepared, beautiful videos and presentations posted – all of this to insure a smooth launch.


Social network
Virtual currency

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