We provide not just a software product. Each company is unique, therefore we are ready to use all our experience to solve exactly your problems. We will help you customize the “Pryaniky” tools for the goals, objectives and features of the corporate culture, develop optimal scenarios based on the specifics of your company and teach your managers how to maximize the effect of gamification.


If you want to understand gamification by yourself, you can use our online training courses or visit one of our seminars. Or you can pick up knowledge from our book. It is also very praised. learn more


We will immerse ourselvs in your goals, objectives and corporate culture, select the optimal scenario for using “Pryaniky” and provide communication support for the project to maximize employee involvement. The depth of immersion depends on the selected tariff, the volume of tasks and the number of employees.

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Technical implementation

We synchronize accounts with your corporate accounting system, embed “Pryaniky” modules into your corporate portal, deploy the “Pryaniky” on your servers, fine-tune our modules for you needs or develop new funcionality.

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