Corporate social network

The corporate social network provides fast communications for network participants, facilitates access to the company’s knowledge bases, and provides the synergistic effect of open communications between employees. Public broadcasting of colleagues’ success forms a stimulating atmosphere of success, encourages participants to follow the broadcasted behavior pattern – to achieve success, develop skills and improve their own performance.



Live feed

Employees handbook

Employees cards


Easy content management

Corporate social network modules

Live feed

A single communication center where employees can:

  • share news
  • create polls
  • discuss important events
  • share documents and files
  • thank each other
  • tell about their achievements
  • and more…

A social network can be implemented as a separate portal or a bunch of separate modules embeded into existing corporate solutions.

Employee handbook

A single online catalog with all the information on colleagues – it is easy to find a phone or email, find an expert on important issues or determine who brings sweets to the office next week.

Employee Card

    All employee data in convinient form:
  • personal information
  • contacts
  • achievements profile

It is possible to configure synchronization with internal systems (Active Directory, 1C, SAP, etc.), as well as data loading via Excel.


    Groups can be:
  • public: list of participants, content is available for all social network users;
  • private: with only some general information about group available for non-participants;
  • or even hidden, available only for admins and group participants;

Easy content managment

We have provided opportunities to place additional information within your corporate network.

  • banners and advertising units
  • wiki pages for for quick direct access to important information

In general, the content management in the “Pryaniky” network is convenient and pleasant. Try it yourself!

Want to try?

Good engagement is half the success

We will not only provide a ready-to-use corporate social network, but also help to involve employees into it:

  • Set up the network for your goals and objectives
  • Draw up a communication plan
  • Trai your internal communicators to work with a network
  • Fill network with content
  • Provide support during the launch phase and in the development process.

Corporate social network is already in use

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