Technical implementation

Profile synchronization, SSO

We are able to set up an automatic employee data synchronization from Active Directory or another database system and to provide Single Sign On. For urgent situations we are always ready to add users manually or through Excel.

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Corporate portal integration

Make corporate portals great again! We integrate “Pryaniky” software with what you already have. Integration is based on the widget/iframes insertion, and there are different amazing ways to configure and display those widgets. And, of course, we always make sure to make the design fit the existing picture.

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On-premise deployment

To ensure digital safety of your systems, we offer to set up the software on your in-house servers. We make the process as easy as possible – we connect remotely, deploy and set everything up, and request all the necessary rights, services and space from your IT department as many times as needed to achieve the result. You won’t usually need to do anything.

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Delicate mechanics setup

When we first start working together, we always make sure to provide you with the primary setup of the scenario according to your preferences. We then demonstrate, how everything works, and teach you to use it and support it on your own.

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Turn-key function development

If our product is not exactly what you want, or not what you want at all, we are ready to discuss a “turn-key” development/customization option. Through analyzing your business requirements, we offer you a solution concept as well as evaluation in person-hours. Development, implementation, profit.

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We understand how important it is to keep brand’s identity in every communication, and “Pryaniky” makes this process so much easier. Web interface is branded according to your requirements and guidelines. Mobile app can also become a part of your brand identity, although it is slightly more difficult and expensive. Keep in mind – we’re always open for discussion.

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Customized mobile application build

So, imagine, instead of downloading Pryaniky.Connect or Pryaniky.Messenger, you employees get BestCompany.Intranet or AnyNameOfYourChoice. Furthermore, they don’t download it from a marketplace, but directly from the corporate capsule. And that’s not it! Imagine the module configuration built specifically for your needs and objectives with the integration of internal corporate services like payroll upload, vacations etc. Sounds good? We are open for discussion, just let us know.

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Increased support

We strive to give you the best experience possible, and that’s why with the increased level of support we enter into a SLA with a strict response and solution times. Other bonuses include monthly customization and consultation hours, personal manager and many more.

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