How to increase engagement of
young employees with career rankings

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ALROSA is the largest Russian diamond mining company, the world leader in terms of diamond production and reserves


Reduce turnover among young professionals (under 35) and increase the engagement


A gamified digital platform with ratings and the ability to celebrate your successes

Web-interface Alrosa.Force


In the first 3 months, 2,456 young professionals registered on the platform, and this number only grew thereafter. The level of employee engagement increased by 10 points and reached 62%. The dynamics of career advancement increased by 27%. And the turnover rate also decreased by 3%

Interesting facts:

  • The project started in 2021 and at the end of the year we identified 5 best young specialists in each of the areas. In addition to a certificate of merit from the CEO, the guys receive a grant to attend a full-time soft skills training program;
  • The profile of each employee’s achievements is formed by the employee himself – he adds there all his diplomas, certificates, letters of appreciation, information about additional education, information about participation in special projects, etc.;
  • The employees did not expect that their idea would be taken up and put into practice. And this in itself has already had a positive impact on engagement – the employees realized that their voices can be heard and not kicked into the long grass.


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