We don’t just offer you a software product, we offer our expertise to solve your organization’s unique challenges. We provide you with a set of technological tools to fit your goals, objectives and special features of your corporate culture, and we make them work. We develop scenario suited for your company’s specifics, and teach your employees to get the maximum effect from non-material gamification.

Turn-key scenario development

Through analyzing your goals, objectives, business processes and corporate culture and audience specifics, we choose the best scenario to fit them all. You set the task – we accomplish it!

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Communication support

For your project to stay alive and, most importantly, to benefit you, it needs communication support. And we are here to provide it through regular Q&A’s, success digests, event announcements, encouragement, some light trolling here and there, and everything else in between. Of course, you can do it on your own. Or, you can just relax, sit back, and let our experts do the job.

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Expert support for independent development

So, you just took one of our online or offline courses. In the course you developed a perfect scenario to solve all of your challenges. Here is where we step in to help you stay on track. We give you tips and help to find ways of implementing your ideas. We set ready-to-go scenario up on “Pryaniky” and support you after the project starts off. We help you and give you a chance to independently accomplish your task with our support.

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