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Multon is a Russian company producing juices, nectars, fruit drinks, purees and juice drinks. Founded in St. Petersburg in 1995 in 2005 became the principal unit of Russia's Coca-Cola juice business.


Rebuild the corporate culture for employees so as to motivate them to think innovatively and new ways of problemsolving.


Corporate platform with informational content. Corporate currency and badges.

Main page of the project


After 2 years, the project managed to change the culture of a stable company with a long history to an innovative one. Each employee can easily answer what an innovative culture means and why Multon is an innovative company.

Interesting Facts:

  • Recognition on the platform rases profles of employees, references are made at large meetings, they get into the focus of the management;
  • Bonuses for contributions to the development of a team or project are not related to KPIs.
Rating according to one of the behavioral indicators


Social network
Virtual store
Virtual currency

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