Increasing motivation and bringing effective interaction among
employees among 800 online offices throughout Russia

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Kassa Vzaimoposchi (credit union) is a nationwide microfinance company with more than 800 offices throughout the country


Timely and efficiently deliver information to each employee, receive feedback, elaborate corporate culture, share experience and knowledge, and motivate employees to achieve better results using virtual activities.


Corporate social platform with virtual currency, badges and thank-yous.


100% goals reached: team building, strengthening the feeling a part of one large team and creating a common information field.
The average score of the employee platform loyalty index was calculated – 8.77 out of 10.

Interesting Facts:

  • The company began its partnership with Pryaniky in 2018, with 600 connected offices. Cooperation continues up to this day;
  • Another virtual character was also introduced on the platform – Ivan Vasilievich (who changes his profession). He was conceived as an antagonist, a rigid character, but somehow he did not take off and only the kind and positive Kassenok remained.
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Virtual store
Virtual currency

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