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DHL is an international leader in logistics and express delivery with a worldwide presence. DHL provides customers with advanced technologies and solutions in international express delivery, national and international postal services, air, land and sea transport, contract logistics and e-commerce.


  • To further unite employees working in different groups and different cities;
  • make expressions of gratitude more public and less formal.


Corporate social network. Virtual currency. Badges.

Social network design


Breaking down the barrier that prevented people from sharing information with each other. Thanks to DHLwood, the company’s employees get to know and understand each other better and are enriched by cross-cultural communication, knowledge and experience sharing.

Interview with a representative of «DHL Express»

Interesting Facts:

  • DHL Express has unique orders, where a person’s life sometimes depends on the speed of delivery, and here the initiative and responsibility of employees in solving problems is extremely important. These heroic deliveries are marked with special badges.
  • DHLWood has been there for almost a year without the “monetization” of virtual currency and, interestingly, the company’s employees actively used the thank-you currency without selfish questions about when it could be converted into something useful. Virtual gratitude quickly caught on as a good habit!
  • The idea of DHLWood was based on the general principles of the corporate culture of DHL Express – the company values people and their achievements, their talents, how they invest in work with all their hearts. DHL Express has excellently orchestrated and elegantly designed awards ceremonies for the best employees of the quarter and of the year, and when choosing a metaphor, they focused on the aesthetics of celebrities, red carpet, the Oscar ceremonies.


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