5% sales increase in market shrinking
to a half of its size

All cases

SB JSC Home Credit Bank is part of Home Credit N.V. holding company, which is a global consumer finance platform


  • “Incase” the annual “high” season motivational program;
  • Involve the maximum number of participants in active sales;
  • Tone up the front office.


A full-fledged game with a bright game metaphor – space battle for a new home, conquering space for development
Orange-Apple featured as gamification partners.

The star system for which the battle was fought


Sales volume + 5% with a decrease in customer flow in retail outlets by about 2 times;

Achieved goal of attracting deposits in the national currency devaluation period;

4 conquered planets with the original goal – to capture at least one!


Interesting Facts:

  • The cost of organizing the project = one month sales plan of 2 managers;
  • Prize Pool Cost = one week sales plan of 2 managers;
  • The game lasted about 70 days and invloved 2459 participants. In total, there were 89,132 publications in the feed. Of these, 3347 news (~ 50 per day), polls – 184.


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Virtual store
Virtual currency
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