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Gazprom NNGS is a part of Russia's. Initially operating as telephony and radio communications for the mining divisions of Yamal, in 2009 it was incorporated in Gazprom (one of the world's beggest oil and gas producers). And in 2014, Gazprom Neft decided to create a service integrator for Telecommunications and Communications on the basis of NNGS.


  • Creation of a unified environment, community space for distributed employees, in which everyone would feel being an important and valuable part of a team;
  • I Engage employees in the proposing and implementing of ideas useful for the business.

Interesting Facts:

  • The “Thank-You” mechanic allowed us to see our employees in a new light. For example, among the leaders in the number of “stars” earned were not the most public and notable people, while “thank-yous”, like a social ladder, reveal useful people, who otherwise do not brag about their productivity;
  • In the NNGS Galaktika virtual store you can buy a “magic wand” – an opportunity to cancel a reprimand for some offenses, “an empty chair at a planning meeting” – an opportunity to attend a meeting of the CEO and CEO-minus-one, where important strategic issues are discussed, “One-hour as a top manager”- a chance to engage the CEO or CEO-minus-one for an hour for a personal conversation on any topic, as well as an expensive “standing ovation” option, after purchase of which everyone will gather to cheer up a sad colleague with applause and words of support;
  • The entire system is named “NNGS-Galaxy”. A few days before the launch, a posters promising a pleasant surprise soon appeared in the company’s offices and on the internal web-site. The staff did not know what it would be exactly, but the message was that it would be pleasant, positive and about kindness. On the day before the launch, everyone received chocolates with the “Galaxy” emblem and the words “Thank you” – they had to thank a colleague with a chocolate. And the next day, everyone received an invitation to the system, they saw that there are also metaphorical “chocolates” there – or, more precisely, virtual stars, with which one can thank colleagues now in the virtual space.


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