"The Great Horde" - after the game
and the movie "World of Warcraft"

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Coca-Cola started its operating activities in Kazakhstan in 1994, when it was officially registered in the country as one of the first foreign investors

The company had three tasks:

  • Keep up the team spirit while reforming the company structure;
  • At the same time, meet the sales plan;
  • Train over 600 new employees.


Gaming platform with corporate currency, ratings and commendations.

Orc clans


The company managed not only to meet the sales target, but also to exceed it by 20%. With the help of the game, it was possible to involve more than 600 people in the training and to maintain interest in this training and activity through the game during the 6 months of the project. Thus increasing the efficiency and popularity of the company’s internal trainers school.

Interesting Facts:

  • On a similar project with the transfer of the internal sales team to distributors, staff turnover reached 90%. Here, in this project, we managed to keep it at 40%;
  • Preparation for the project took 3 months – from planning and finding a partner right up to the launch day;
  • Currency was exchanged for prizes – souvenirs that were specially purchased and were not previously presented in Kazakhstan. Therefore, souvenirs were very popular and employees were passionately saving up for them, even as a gifts to their wifes;
  • The company is currently working on a new competitive project in the style of the Olympic Games.
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