A platform where employees could freely express all their ideas and proposals, which would then become goals and give concrete results. Moreover, not only to express, but also to discuss, expand and elaborate the ideas, as well as dismiss as unfeasible.


Corporate social network featuring the “Exchange of Ideas” module.

This is what the “Fair” workspace looks like


Official figures are not disclosed, but, according to OMK IT, investments in the platform have paid off many times over.

Characters are the policeman and Petrushka.
Why exactly these characters? Petrushka is probably the first thing associated with the fair – a fool, clown, bouffon. And the policeman is a kind person opposite to him: important, strict and demanding that everything be according to the rules.

Interesting Facts:

  • In order to present the Fair to employees, OMK IT radically changed the format of annual reporting meetings between managers and the team. We made a real theatrical performance, with costumes, decorations, sound. On the stage were not leaders, but “merchants” and “masters”. Who “sold” their achievements and offered ideas for development. Now all annual reports in the company are held in this theatrical format.
Promotional video of the project “Fair of Masters”
  • The Guild of Masters keeps order at the Fair – a council of 10-15 employees from various OMK-IT departments: operation managers, architects, developers, project managers. Each new idea is evaluated by them.
  • According to statistics, in OMK-IT, more than 60 percent of ideas are accepted for implementation.

Interview with a representative of “OMK-IT”
Annual report in the “Fair” style


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