«Pryaniky» is catalyst for employees motivation

We accelerate buisiness processes by changing employees’ attitude from «I have to so I’ll do it» to «I want to so I’ll do my best». «Pryaniky» are full-cycle projects to help you improve internal communications, pump KPI, organize work with new ideas and accelerate other business processes by increasing employee motivation.

We are always picking the solution which perfectly fits your challenges; we offer to set the platform up with consideration of the specifics of your company; we engage the employees and change their behavior from usual to desired.

Speed up internal communications
Boost sales
Engage employees
Build strong corporate culture
Want to try?

More than 100 successfull projects in different companies.

Work Cycle

Our consultant will call you to find out your goals and objectives.
We select the optimal package of services for your project implementation and give a free 30-days trial.
The contract, the bill, the transition to commercial use comes in any format convenient for you.