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Pryaniky in The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Internal communications

The faster information shares within Company, the faster business develops

According to McKinsey Global Institute researches, using corporate social networking increases employee productivity by 20-25% - due to speed and convenience of sharing information and reducing the time for endless, senseless and merciless e-mail correspondence

Knowledge managment

If one knows something, it is one unit of force. And if the same knows a 100 of people - it is 100+ to force!

Where the knowledge base is placed in your company? In the personal folders? In e-mail? In the minds of employees who are looking for a new job? It's time to move the entire invaluable experience and knowledge in a single storage and make it available to all staff!

Stuff motivation

Not only salary develops business - use unmaterial accelerators for business running

To make employees visit work with joy, rush with burning eyes to perform new tasks, to make them help each other and propose changes how to improve certain processes, the salary is not enough. Salary is the compensation for staff’s efforts and time. And how to win their love, loyalty, devotion?


Strong HR-brand - for strong employees

However much we pay to employees, there is always someone who will pay more. But if, in addition to the salary, the employee retains co-participation in strong HR-brand, pride for this co-participation, and what is most important that is care that is inside strong brand Company ... This employee will be hard to win over!

Client service

Customers service concerns each employee, even if he does not communicate with them personally

Do you want your customer to be “lifetime customers” and bring others by recommending them your wonderful Company? This is real! Not only sales division should work for this, but all Company’s employees.

Increase sales

Does only % from sales range motivates sales managers? And if so, having his own revenue in their hands why does sales managers sell so little?

And it is because not only money that sales managers cares about. Try to add competitive mechanics to material motivation, get staff familiar with Company’s sales amount records, average check and other key indicators, add unmaterial status awards… and feel the difference!

Employees adapting

The faster newcomer with get familiar with the Company, the faster he will be able for contribution.

How to reduce time to adapt newcomers, speed up their learning and lower adaptational stress? Public knowledge base, a visible development plan and clear and behavior culture will help you with this.

Corporate culture

Culture is not just values written in documents that none reads.

This are daily events, words, actions, myths, legends, smiles and discussions. United communication space will help to create a common cultural space - space that without obstacles allows to broadcast the culture you want to to develop and consolidate.

Ideas generation

Innovation is a power of thoughts which drives business from point A to point B by jumping through the steps.

Each member of your staff is a potential source of innovative ideas, but birth of these ideas requires special “breeding ground” in the basis of which is information transparency, initiative encouragement and comprehension about whom and what for ideas are offered and what happens with them later.

Talent management

Talent should not be directed on what to do. He will choose the right direction by himself, direction for Company’s success.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” - Albert Einstein. It's time to use employees talents for a 100%, and not only within the job description.

Change managment

Change management helps Company to change up with the times.

Changes are necessary for development, but at the same time it’s always stressful for the people involved in these changes. Therefore, it is difficult to run new business processes within the Company, introduce new software, reshape the team... How to make an effective and comfortable Change Management?


Let's replace routine swot with fun team game.

The most effective training is through game. But turning learning process into the game is a long and expensive event. Use game elements embedded into the main process to increase the efficiency of learning quickly.