Corporate currency

Virtual currency can be used as a means of subjective and objective assessment – project participants can either reward each other’s merits using virtual currency, either receive an assessment of their service from managers or automatically.

Invest in people or objects

Corporate currency that the employee can invest is emitted according to the project settings.

Use currency to thank collegues
Set prize funds for competitions
Invest into ideas

Spend in store

Employee can spend his earned currency on something pleasant or useful in the corporate store.

Currency charges according to the rules
Auto charges for receiving badges and etc.
Devidends from investment in realized ideas
Gratitudes from colleagues
Competition rewards

Cases for corporate currency usage

Achievements recognitions and rewards

Employees of your company can thank each other for their help, reward for achievements, evaluate the work and more.

Amount of “pryanikies” is limited. They are not just some kind of “likes” which can be given away left and right but a limited resource, amount of which you determine yourself.

Involvement in buisiness processes and projects

Corporate currency is a great tool for engaging employees in corporate network or other projects or processes important to the company.

For example, it can be company values, specific work tasks, KPI or even character traits for which employees can thank each other.

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Corporate store

You can get orders statistics at any time and report it to bookkeeping.
You can spend your earned currency to buy a gift for your colleague – make a pleasant surprise!
You can create differend product sets for different company departments
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The earned currency – “pryanikies” – participants can spend in the internal online store on material or status bonuses. A set of available bonuses and their cost is determined by the company manages.

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100 prize options to make available in the store

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Corporate store and currency are already used by:

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“Pryaniky” is an excellent tool for expressing gratitude and providing feedback: employees actively joined the system and very quickly the atmosphere in the company became more positive, focused on cooperation and achievements.

HR-director of IT-company “Altaros” (Belarus) Sergey Shamber

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