Ideas Management

Every person in your organization is a potential resource of ideas and suggestions, which he often doesn’t know how to communicate or doesn’t think that anyone would be interested. It’s time to use this resource to 100%! “Ideas Exchange” gives every employee a change to suggest his brilliant idea. It is very useful for the company – the ideas can be about optimizing processes, cutting expenses or finding a new way to profit. For the employee it is an opportunity to express his initiative, see his idea being implemented (or see some feedback) and get a virtual currency bonus.

Publications and discussions of the ideas
Movement through idea funnel
Investments into ideas
Creation of projects based on ideas

Do you want:

To increase work efficiency To find idea generators in your team To develop new projects with the help of your employees To save time and costs on the ideas implementation To realize your staff’s creative potential and engage them into an interesting an useful corporate game?

Learn how to do this with “Pryaniky”

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How “Ideas Exchange” works

ПThe process of suggesting an idea is very easy: an employee fills out a form, attaches the necessary files, clicks on “Create” button and send the idea in for an assessment and possible implementation. The form itself as well as the required fields are easily manipulated through the admin panel. When suggesting an idea, it is possible to choose a tag to help attract experts and investors from your company. For example, decision on marketing ideas are made by a certain department, so when you create an idea with a tag, this department gets a notification and is able to comment the idea and express the expert opinion.

Idea funnel is a series of steps that idea needs to get through (e.g. “voting,” “integration,” “implementation”). Every company will have different amount of steps – the funnel depends on your business processes. Special supervisors are managing the idea’s movement through the funnel. The decision-making process can possibly be fully automated. We will set the system up based on your processes – with all of the roles assigned, steps, the system needs to go through, people, who have to make decisions about taking an idea from one step to another, and situations when idea can just travel through automatically. All of this is possible to do in the “Ideas Exchange.”

Users can invest their virtual currency into an idea that they like, and if it goes to the implementation step, the investment fund can be increased and returned to the investors in bigger amount.

Every idea needs to be evaluated, and it needs to be decided whether or not it should be implemented. This is a task for experts. In the key steps expert assessment form can be attached to the ides. This helps to ensure transparency and show how the decisions are made. The final result of the evaluation will be available to all employees.

One of the steps you could possibly add into the funnel is the creation of a project, which allows users, who expressed a desire to participate in the implementation process, to unite into a project group, where they can discuss the idea, keep files etc.

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“We were full of doubt in the beginning of this journey, and even now our shareholders ask sometimes, what “Pryaniky” line in the budget means. Well, when we explain the effect and the results that this network brings, all of the doubts and questions disappear.

Andrey Kartushin, CEO “Моментоденьги”